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Display number of squares by zone type.

A Zone Info button is added to the main screen. To show the Zones panel, click the Zone Info button. To hide the Zones panel, click the Zone Info button again or click the Close button. The Zone Info button and Zones panel can be moved and the positions will be remembered between games.

The Zones panel shows the squares built, empty, and total for each zone type. There is a subtotal for each zone type: Residential, Commercial, Industrial, and Office. Office subtotal is shown only if Green Cities DLC is active.

The info may be viewed for the Entire City (default), for the part of the city with No District, or for a single district. Entire City is always available. No District is available only if there is at least one district.

The info may be viewed as counts (default) or as percents. All percents are relative to the Total counts row at the bottom. Individual percents may not add up to total percents due to rounding.

Industrial specialized zone types are always shown. Specialized zone types available only thru a DLC package (Residential Self-Sufficient, Commercial Tourism, Commercial Leisure, Commercial Organic, and Office IT Cluster) are shown only if the DLC package is active.

Districts and zones are shown while the Zones panel is displayed and no info view is shown and no tool is selected except that zones are now shown while the District drawing tool is selected.

Zone types are grayed out where the necessary milestone is not yet reached.Counting Squares

A zoned square is counted as Built or Empty in the square’s zone type and district specialization (if any). The square’s zone type is used regardless of the type of any building on the square.

An unzoned square is counted as follows:

  • If an unzoned square has no building on it, the square is counted as Empty in Unzoned.
  • If an unzoned square has a building that is a RICO zoned type (e.g. from Ploppable RICO or Industries DLC), the square is counted as Built in the building’s zone type and specialization (if any).
  • If an unzoned square has any other building (e.g. service buildings, parks, and other structures/props that prevent zoning), the square is counted as Built in Unzoned. Note that some buildings/structures cause underlying squares to be removed instead of unzoned.

A building that is under construction, upgrading, abandoned, or collapsed is counted as Built.Performance

While the Zones panel is hidden, no zone information is collected, so there is no performance impact.

Each time the Zones panel is displayed, zone information is collected immediately for all squares so that up-to-date information is shown. This might cause a momentary pause in the simulation.


This mod does not alter game save files in any way and can be safely disabled or unsubscribed at any time.

This mod does not alter the game mechanics in any way. This mod only displays information already in the game.

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Credits: rcav8tr

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