StreetTransport Fever 2

YXLL Roads Transport Fever 2

A set of standardized roads, including:
Three groups of City Roads(CR) with speed limits of 40km / h, 50km / h and 60km / h respectively;Three groups of Urban Expressways(UE) with speed limits of 60km / h, 70km / h and 80km / h respectively;
Two groups of Highway(HW) with speed limits of 100km / h and 120km / h respectively;
Each group of roads includes one-way roads with 1, 2, 3 and 4 lanes and two-way roads with 2, 4, 6 and 8 lanes.

In-game parameters:

  • The lane width is 3.6m;
  • The sidewalk width of City Roads is 2.5m, and the pedestrian road width of Urban Expressway and Highway is 0.1m;
  • There are also three special purpose roads.Please open the file for testing before loading this mod in your important archives to ensure that it can be used normally.

Credits: 樱雪流岚

Download Link #1 Download Link #2

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