IndustryTransport Fever 2

Yeols Senseless Industries 2.4 Transport Fever 2

What’s new since Senseless Industries 1.5x?
* Ready for Spring 2022 Update, with appearing and disappearing industries
* 0 -> 6 types of cargo per town, depending the year and size of the town
* 50+ extra cargo types and industrial plants, compared to the base game
* technology going further into the future (computers…)
* Industries are taking into account the game starting year (only with Spring update)
* small towns may appear near the largest, most productive industrial plants
* also playable without Spring Update

What’s to know before installing this mod?
* Do not run Senseless v1.x and V2.x together: only one of them may be loaded
* Once a game run and saved with Senseless V2 you can not return to V1
* When continuing an exiting Senseless V1.x game with V2.x, many industry chains will be broken and will need your attention to fix them.
* Suggested to start a new game starting at 1850, to enjoy the entire voyage through the eras

This version is considered beta as long a the Spring 2022 Update has not been released.

Credits: Yeol

Download Link #1 Download Link #2

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