MiscTransport Fever 2

Windturbine Asset Transport Fever 2

The mod adds wind turbines with animation to the game.
In addition to the normal rotating animation, the wind turbine also has a slight lateral movement of the gondola. There are three speeds and a variant without movement. When selecting “ Windrad Random Speed ”, different speeds are always used. When building several wind turbines with the ” Windrad Aus” setting, different rotor blade positions are used alternately in order to produce an uneven picture.
The wind turbine can be built in three sizes. As standard with a hub height of 75 meters and additionally in 50 and 100 meters. The size of the door and the entry are of course not scaled.
If desired, the wind turbine can also be built in white only.

For all „Schönbau-Fans“, I’ve added the parts of the wind turbine as individual assets. So there are the parts of the tower, the nacelle, the hub and the rotor blade, a transformer house and various power boxes as well as the individual entrance stairs are included.

As always, all assets are tiltable and can be found under the four ones:
“Landscaping -> Assets -> Ingo 1111”
You can also find it under: “Water -> Ingo 1111”
is an off-shore variant of the wind turbine with the same options (without individual parts).

Many thanks to deBorg for the detailed mod test and the first mod presentation.

Credits: Ingo-1111

Download Link #1 Download Link #2

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