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Wagon Speed improvement – Transport Fever 2

This increases the max speed of some of the default included wagons and carriages by changing the config. The Mod allows the changes to remain even if he game is updated (so long as you load the mod. It only changes the config, no assets are changed or included in the mod.

Below are the vehicles and their new speeds

Passenger cars:
BC4 150km/h
Donnerbüchse 125km/h

Freight cars:
Boxcar (from 1900) 100km/h
Flat car (from 1900) 100km/h
Gondola (from 1910) 100km/h
Tank car (from 1920) 100km/h

Boxcar (from 1950) 200km/h
Flat car (from 1950) 200km/h
Gondola (from 1950) 200km/h
Tank car (from 1950) 200km/h

Boxcar (from 2000) 300km/h
Flat car (from 2000) 300km/h
Gondola (from 2000) 300km/h
Tank car (from 2000) 300km/h

Click here to download with Steam Workshop.

Credits: Rogue.Master

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