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Vanilla Manchukuo/Qing Empire Expanded Hearts of Iron IV

This mod aims to expand on the Vanilla Manchukuo/Qing China experience by adding some QoL and flavor changes.
It is however not a rework of Manchukuo and should not be seen as such.

While I always liked playing Manchukuo and Qing China I have noticed that both nations seem kinda lackluster so I decided to fix some issues and add some content while still keeping it in the vanilla feel.

The main additions of the mod are:

-more histoorical ministers, chief of staff, country leaders and generals (also some generals for Mengkukuo)
-added Yoshiko Kawashima as an operative for Manchukuo
-new possibilities for expansion after forming Qing China (via decisions)
-some QoL changes to the focus tree like shorter focus times or buffing the “Five equal Peoples” branch.
-national spirits once you finished the “Mandate of Heaven” or “Two Emperors” focuses to make them more useful.
-a little buff to the communists in the japanese civil war (so they actually have a chance and don’t get stomped instantly, leaving you with a generic focus tree japan)
-a little system around the opium addiction if the Empress Consort Wanrong. You can get her as Empress or minister if you cure her. (the historical path would be to just hide her instead)

He allowed me to incorporate his mod into mine.
-a game rule to force the AI to get Wanrong as empress (similar to how you can force the AI to bring back the Kaiser or go communist as Japan)
-a continuation of the focus tree for the endgame with a war against the soviet union to reclaim mongolia and outer manchuria

Note: The decisions to claim and core former lands of the Qing Empire is available to all chinese nations
The first image shows all the cores you can get with these decisions

A full list of the additions and changes can be found in the discussions tab.

Future Plans:
-chinese VO for Manchukuo (and possibly other chinese nations)
-something about the treaty ports
-new decisions for the “National Cooperation Government” to demand occupied chinese lands from Japan (which might lead to a war with japan if you become too greedy)

Click here to download with Steam Workshop.

Required DLC:
Hearts of Iron IV: Waking the Tiger

Credits: AdAstra

Download Link #1

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