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United Airlines A320 Collection Transport Fever 2

A collection of two variants of A320’s currently flying for United Airlines:

A320 N457UA
Post-Merger/Continental livery. Available from 2011.

A320 N449UA
The first A320 painted in the current ‘Blue Evolution’ livery. Available from 2019.

Version 2.0 Changes:
All variants have been updated with the correct IAE V2500 powerplants.
All variants have been updated to utilize common dependencies in order the save disk space.

This collection requires my A320 Dependencies to be activated.

This is fully savegame compatible with the former Version 1.6 of the ‘United Airlines Post-Merger Pack’. Just simply deactivate Version 1.6 in the mods list of your savegame and activate this one before unsubscribing from the old version.

I understand the frustration of having to do this but moving common files among my works into one download results in a significant savings of hard drive space per livery collection. In this particular case, it is an over 80MB savings in space.

Credits: 24Whiskey

Download Link #1 Download Link #2

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