Transport Fever – Stakecar NSC 62ft – Canadian Pacific

This mod adds 2 stake cars in Canadian Pacific colors. These are repaints of the Transport Fever generic 1952 stake car. These 62′ 9″ skeleton log cars were built by National Steel Car (NSC) in…

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Transport Fever – Tankcar 1948 – British Columbia Railway

This mod adds two Canadian tank cars to the game. Both are repaints of the generic Transport Fever 1948 tank car. They are… British Columbia Railway BC Rail British Columbia Railway (BCOL) was once Canada’s…

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Transport Fever – Northern Hemisphere Sun

Sets the sun to shine from the South at midday.

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Transport Fever – Autohaus Paket

This Modification adds a car center asset package to the game. Technical Details: – Costs: 15.000 – Availability : from 1950

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Transport Fever – To The Shore

Coastline to mountains, an experimental proof-of-concept real-world-terrain map with 5 towns. More designed for map freaks like yours truly, more accomodating maps to follow. Have a look around and enjoy the scenery, it’s a beautiful…

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Transport Fever – JapaneseLanguagePackAdd

Add Japanese Language

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Transport Fever – Ggths ´Bromberg´ DRG & DB

Ggths ´Bromberg´ DRG & DB mod for Transport Fever. This mod adds the Ggths ´Bromberg´ DRG & DB to the game. This type of car was built in series production by the companies Deutz and…

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Transport Fever – Block Barrier Signal

Block Barrier Signal mod for Transport Fever. Block barrier signal with one or two lanterns as asset. (My first mod where I made not just the texture but also the model. I’ve not done anything…

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