Total War: ATTILA

Ultimate Cheat Mod for All Settled Factions Total War Attila

This is a cheat mod that works with every settled faction in the Grand Campaign, Last Roman dlc, Age of Charlemagne dlc, or modded factions. Only works for the player and it’s save game compatible.
This mod it’s not mine, i only edited it, and it only modifies the “campaign_difficulty_handicap_effects_tables” so it should be compatible with EVERY mod
(maybe you need to load this mod first, to work with Radious, for example)

+100 Recruitment points for land and naval
+100 Campaign movement range
+1000 Research rate
+40 Fertility bonus for all provinces
Immunity to all attritions
Max level agent recruit
All equipments level 3 (golden)
+50 Sanitation bonus
+10000 Experience gain per turn for every unit
+75% Replenishment Rate
+500 Growth rate per turn
+100 State religion bonus
+90% Fatigue Recovery
+8000 Food bonus
+150 Public order bonus
+500% Tax rate bonus
+10 Bonus to Loyalty

All resources produced in every region from the start.
(it disables when you load a save game, or fight a battle manually, but it works again in the next turn. I don’t know why this happens, and so i don’t know how to fix it. It’s your preference to build resource buildings.)

And i have fixed a bug that made it impossible to build siege equipments.

Click here to download with Steam Workshop.

Credits: Nermilvus

Download Link #1

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