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UK 1830S Set Transport Fever 2

More old stuff! It’s like I have no life or something!

This pack represents locomotives from the 1830s. Currently, this pack replaces the old Patentee & Planet mod, as this includes those locomotives, please unsub from the Patentee mod if you want to use it and it will mess it up.

Running this pack with the ‘Stephenson Locomotives’ pack will probably cause two Planet classes to appear, but you should also enable the sister pack UK 1820s Set anyway to have the full collection.

What does this set bring?
This set aims to represent many of the early British locomotives of the 1830s. Currently, this pack only has the Stephenson engines, but any more I make will be added over time.

But the game starts in 1850! Won’t these be obsolete?
Kinda, UG balanced their engines really slowly, so these are a tad quicker, but they’re weak. Luckily some coaches come included (and more will be added). Also, you can always pause the date in 1850 and just play with the old stuff until you want to move on.

It is worth noting that some of these engines, especially Patentee classes, had very long lives and worked well into the game time.

So what exactly is in this pack?
Good question
This pack contains:
1 Menu with varients
2-2-0 ‘Planet’ class in liveries
2-2-2 ‘Patentee’ class in liveries
2-2-2 ‘Patentee’ class in liveries BUT BIGGER
0-4-0 ‘Samson’ class in liveries

And for wagons (currently)
1 small 4 wheeler coach
1 small covered wagon
1 generic 6 wheeled wagon

Click here to download with Steam Workshop.

Credits: SteveM4

Download Link #1

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