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Trolleybus Den Oudsten B79T Transport Fever 2

Proudly presenting the Den Oudsten B79T.

At the end of the 1970 Den Oudsten developed the B 7900 and some prototypes made their tour of the various regional transport companies. The only customer was the Arnhem municipal transport company. From 1980 to 1987 a total of 41 trolleys of this type entered service.

The arrival of new Volvo, Van Hool and Berkhof trolleys marked the end of the B 7900’s from the mid-1990s. Most of them found a second existence with trolleybus companies in the Eastern bloc (in Perm and Rostov, among others), but the 158 was given the status of museum bus and remained in the Netherlands.

This pack contains multiple liveries of the B79T in Arnhem (The Netherlands).
I choose to add the bus paramaters instead of the tram parameters, because I hate it when the blinkers didn’t blink and the wheels didn’t turn in road curves. Be aware that those trolleybuses will come out of car depots because of this.

Missing liveries are the Russian ones, please let me know If you have ads which I can use to make this possible, because I couldn’t find good enough quality ads to make those.

Credits: berkhofsolaris

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