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Trasport Fever 2 – ADL Enviro500MMC Facelift – Hong Kong

ADL Enviro500MMC Facelift – Hong Kong bus mod for Transport Fever 2.

ADL Enviro500MMC is a 3-axle double decker bus designed and manufactured by Alexander Dennis Ltd. MMC, major model change, represents a huge number of design improvements applied. It was launched in 2012 and sold out over 4,000 vehicles just in Asia Pacific region.

In 2015, ADL developed a new bodywork for Asia Pacific region that is what you see here, the Facelift. It has similar aesthetic to Enviro400MMC, a thinner front and rare panel, and most importantly, the QRG (Quick Release Glazing) window installation system. Facelifted-style was then introduced to other regions like America and Europe. Both gen-1 and gen-2 are still available for Enviro500MMC now.

Enviro500MMC are serving people around the world with so many different settings like 13.8m ultra long, 3.9m super-low, 3 doors and 2 staircases… With no doubt, Hong Kong is the most important market due to the subtropical climate, high capacity, long working hour and long cycle time. There are nearly 2,000 Enviro500MMC running in HK every day.

About this mod:
– Based on my TF1 mod
– Total 10 models from 4 franchised bus companies as shown in preview
– In order to minimize the complexity, height fixed in 4.1m, but with 3 different length settings
– White bus is recolorable
– Label function is available

Available: from 2015/2016/2017/2018/2019
Length: 11.3m/12m/12.8m
Power: 254kW (Cummins engine, 340hp, Euro-5/6)
Weight: 24/26.5 tonnes
Top speed: 80km/h (just…no information)
Life span: 35 years
Capacity: 31-40 ppl

Credits: au1990hk

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