Transport Fever – Union Pacific P85 Coach Wagon Mod

Union Pacific P85 Coach Wagon mod for Transport Fever. All-aluminum main line passenger coach.

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Transport Fever – 89 Flatcar Tofc

89 Flatcar Tofc Vehicle and Wagon mod for Transport Fever. The 89′ flatcar with repainted Urban Games semi-trailer of various LTL, truckload, and retailer’s. There are three versions- Standard, Standard with mail, and Industry DLC….

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Transport Fever – GWR V22, V12, Etc Van Wagons Mod

GWR V22, V12, Etc Van Wagons mod for Transport Fever. Carries: Goods, etc. British Early generic Available: 1850-1904 Top Speed: 40mph (65kph) Capacity: 5 Weight: 6t Lifespan: 30 years Cost & Maintenance: Set by game….

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Transport Fever – 1840 Harlan & Hollingsworth Passenger Coach

Constructed almost entirely out of wood and boasting few creature comforts, this early 1840s coach was employed to do one thing – move passengers. Cost: $155K Availability: 1840-1880 Capacity: 8 (32 with a capacity mod)…

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Transport Fever – TVZ 61-4177 train car (Avrora)

Repainting TVZ 61-4177 in the colors of the brand train “Avrora”. Moscow – Saint Petersburg Price: 934k Available: from 1999 to 2004 and from 2004 to 2007 Capacity: 14 Top speed: 160km/h Weight: 54t Running…

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Transport Fever – Renfe 8000/9000 series (modern)

INFO: Years: 1961-2015 Passengers: 20 Vel.Max: 140-160 Km/h Lifespan: 30 years

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Transport Fever – Yo Heavy open wagon

6 axle variant of the open wagon with higher capacity and multi-unit variant. Original by Urban Games. Data: – year from 1985 – speed 160 km/h – capacity 20 Multiple units with 3,6 and 9…

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Transport Fever – NSB B7

NSB B7 – Norwegian inter-city car/ wagon Stats: Availability: 1982 – infinity (Red/ Black version) & 2006 – infinity (“Tomato Soup”) Capacity: 19 Top speed: 160 km/t Weight: 40 tonnes Price: 1.27M (controlled by difficulty)…

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