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Transport Fever – Big Airport 1.2

A big airport with 2 terminal buildings with 5 gates each and 4 runways (2 per terminal). The two terminals are build on oposite sides of a central road, each with it’s own unidirectional side road. On the side roads there are up to 4 bus stops (2 per terminal). …

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Transport Fever – Ultimate Station

This Ultimate Station mod is designed to create station with various type of platforms, it includes 4 basic types: 1. Generic Station 2. Double Curvature Station 3. Triangle Station 4. Half-Triangle Station All 4 types have most of options and variations in common. The variations include: * Curvature * Platform …

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Transport Fever – Flexible Train Stations (v1.0)


Flexible Train Stations mod for Transport Fever. Train stations with independent curving of each end, additional road connections, adjustable platform spacing. Stations can be curved with finer control of curvature than standard Curved Train Stations mod. Curvature at each end is controlled independently (different radii (or straight), and/or different directions (S-curve)). There …

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