Transport Fever – Large Toll Station series / 大型收费站系列 (CN,DE-PL,EU,FR-CH,US)

———-ENGLISH———– < urban expansion package >. – numbered: [UEP_006(B)] V1.1 Available time in the game: 1985 — This MOD contains the following functions: – (China) , (European Union) , (France – Switzerland) , (Germany –…

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Transport Fever – Железнодорожное депо

Используется для покупки/продажи поездов.

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Transport Fever – Common API – Train depot adapter

Common API – Train depot adapter mod for Transport Fever. Replaces the default depot with a common api supporting one.

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Transport Fever – Track Design Patterns

Track Design Patterns mod for Transport Fever. This mod give you possibility to create kinds of track patterns precisely with parameters, which more alike real life engineering work. It gives you hand to control separately…

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Transport Fever – Drehscheibe Mit Ringlokschuppen

Drehscheibe Mit Ringlokschuppen mod for Transport Fever. Adds a turntable with integrated Ringlok shed to the game. To this mod belong also some asset building: administration, shed, chimney How the turntable works you can see…

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Transport Fever – Sparky’s Depot & Station Mod

Sparky’s Depot & Station mod for Transport Fever. I never liked having to build modern looking road depots in 1850, or old looking cargo stations in 2000, so this mod sets out to remedy that,…

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Transport Fever – Gas Station(Garage-Buy/Sell Road Vehicles)

Gas Station(Garage-Buy/Sell Road Vehicles) mod for Transport Fever. Category: Road Depot This Mod adds 5 diverent gas stations as depots. (EN,EU,CN,RUS,AUT) 01-PetroChina(CN) 02-Shell(EU) 03-Gulf(US) 04-LuxOil(RUS) 05-OMV(AUT) Gas station as depot with shopping facilities and the…

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