Transport Fever – American Crossing Signals (Modern)

American Crossing Signals (Modern) for Transport Fever. A collection of modern American crossing signals. Available: 1985 Cost: $20,000 – $30,000

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Transport Fever – Crossing Crossbuck-1

Typical crossbuck found throughout the USA. Available: 1915 – . Cost: $2000.

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Transport Fever – British Gated Level Crossing

British Gated Level Crossing, for single or double track and roads with up to 4 lanes total. Available: Always Max Speed: 124mph (200 kph) The version with Side Gates is intended for streets with pedestrians….

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Transport Fever – Level Crossing 1830-Today / Bahnübergänge 1830-Heute

Level Crossing 1830-Today / Bahnübergänge 1830-Heute mod for Transport Fever. Dear construction worker, The new hand tool is there: – 67 functional railway crossing (also suitable for all types of des “roadpackage: road history” ) ……

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Transport Fever – American Crossing Lights

American Crossing Lights mod for Transport Fever. Old style crossing lights with or without gate.

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Transport Fever – OBB Catenary OLD Brown

OBB Catenary OLD Brown mod for Transport Fever. Change the standard Catenary to the ÖBB catenary.

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Transport Fever – Dutch Railroad Crossings 1.1 [Add-on]

Dutch Railroad Crossings mod for Transport Fever. Adds a half barrier option to the railroad crossings from the NS.

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Transport Fever – Ampel fur Tramubergang / Traffic Lights for Tramcrossing

Ampel fur Tramubergang / Traffic Lights for Tramcrossing mod for Transport Fever. Ampel für den individual Verkehr bei einem Tramübergang / Traffic lights for individual traffic on Tramcrossing

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