Transport Fever – Airport Roads Mod

These are all the runways and taxiways from Transport fever, and now you can place them a roads. They are considered city streets so the Ai should not mess with them. I do recommend using…

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Transport Fever – Polskie miasta i ulice

Losowo nadaje pokskie nazwy miastom i ulicom. (EN: Polish town and street names)

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Transport Fever – Tossi’s modified truck station

Mod by Tossi that adds a modified vanilla truck station so it has four-lane street at the entrance giving it separate lanes for each stop. It helps to improve throughoutput when the station is very…

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Transport Fever – (Dummy) Models for deleted Mods

The goal of this mod is to provide an easy access to dummy models, that may be used to keep a savegame playable, if a mod has been removed from the workshop. To have a…

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Transport Fever – (Dummy) DMA Croatian Railways Light Signals

Dummy models for deleted mod: DMA Croatian Railways Light Signals For more informations, take a look at the required main mod.

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Transport Fever – The logo MPS USSR

Mod add logo MPS USSR

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Transport Fever – NO Fences

This mod removes all fences from residential districts of your cities. No more skyscrapers with countrysde wooden fences in 2000) RATE please)

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Transport Fever – Cargo Magnet – v.1.2

CM – Cargo Magnet This mod allows you to generate demand on any cargo, in any place on your map. Just choose type of cargo, amount of demand per YEAR, and plop magnet in preffered…

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