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Transport Fever – More Skyscrapers Mod

More Skyscrapers for Transport Fever. New Level System of Buildings More High Buildings More Skyscrapers Skyscrapers Since 3 Lvl of Building. Active mode redistributes residential and commercial buildings on levels.  for example,  now at level 4 only the tallest skyscrapers, and low skyscrapers are built at level 3.  Low-rise buildings …

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Transport Fever – Switch Tower Zürich


Switch Tower Zürich mod for Transport Fever. With this mod is added to the game the Stellwerk Zürich. Technical specifications: – Costs: 100,000 Availability: Disclaimer: Please keep in contact with me, if you want to reuse files. Uploading this modification on other pages is not welcome. I accept no responsibility …

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Transport Fever – Switch Tower Mainz


Switch Tower Mainz mod for Transport Fever. Mit diesem Mod wird dem Spiel das Stellwerk von Mainz hinzugefügt. Technische Daten: – Kosten: 100.000 – Verfügbarkeit: Ab 1970 Disclaimer: Bitte haltet Rücksprache mit mir, falls Ihr Dateien weiterverwenden wollt. Das Hochladen dieser Modifikation auf anderen Seiten ist nicht erwünscht. Für Schäden …

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Transport Fever – Goods Conglomerate


Goods Conglomerate Industry mod for Transport Fever. A Factory that makes everything from nothing! This mod is intended for individuals that do not wish to bother with cargo chains. The factory will produce all finished goods from nothing! Now you can boost city growth while focusing on passenger service. Transport …

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