Transport Fever – British Post & Phone Boxes

British Post Boxes and Telephone Box, as street waypoints and free placeable assets. Available: Various, first from 1870 Post Box (Penfold): 1870 – 1900 Post Box (Pillar): 1900 onwards Post Box (Lamp Box): 1952 onwards…

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Transport Fever – [UPDATE]-Locomotive Maintenance Platform

–The model is one of the <urban expansion project package> series. number: 014_part(B) , contains the following items: 01- locomotive maintenance platform (double-layer) 02-locomotive maintenance platforms (single) 03-catenary power supply -Available: < 1950 >. -Price…

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Transport Fever – Painter

Info Unlike the initial Painter I edited from Farmer, this mod has been re-written for the most part. Therefore I’ve included all the textures from Farmer. This version of Painter has performance boosts for any…

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Transport Fever – Tunnel Air Shaft

Tunnel Air Shaft asset. Available: Always Most UK railway tunnels have ventilation shafts. In additional to their operation as smoke extraction and pressure relief, they served important roles in the construction process. Just for decoration….

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Transport Fever – Asset Buildings

A selection of 14 standard buildings from the game made available for placing as assets. Picked for use around railway yards etc on steam era British maps. They are for scenery only, don’t require roads…

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Transport Fever – Wall App Pack Version 1.45

Wall App Pack. There are presently 11 seamless textured wall patterns. Height/length adjustable from 10mt to 50mt. Distance to Track. There are two modes: Modify Terrain yes or no. Modify terrain (YES) will build up…

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Transport Fever – Elevated Gate Tower

When a level crossing was deemed to be particularly dangerous, ensuring public safety called for drastic measures. Enter the elevated gate tower. Upon spotting an approaching train, the railroad employee would come down from his…

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Transport Fever – UK Vintage Ads Version 1.

Various Old Advertising Posters of Great Britain. Series 1. Any problems please comment below.

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