Transport Fever – ZiS-151 Truck

Truck for rough terrain. It is widely used for civil transportation and military purposes.

Many thanks to Crimson to convert it from Train Fever 1520DLC.

Mod Steam Link.

About this model:
  • Realistic model
  • Interior
  • Transparent glass
  • Dirt and rust textures
  • DDS textures
  • Repaints available
Model stats:
  • Price: 144k
  • Available: 1948-1962
  • Capacity: 13
  • Top speed: 55km/h
  • Weight: 5.6t
  • Power: 67kW
  • Running costs: 24kyear
  • Lifespan: 40 years

Credit(s): AleX_BY

Download - Transport Fever – ZiS-151 Truck

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