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Transport Fever – Yo Model Tracks

Yo Model Tracks mod for Transport Fever.

Adds an asset that makes track segments and switches like model train tracks.
You can find it under Terrain->Asset brush->Misc category.
There is also a special ‘Model’ track with very high speed on turns.
Requires the mod ‘Yo Tracks’ in the default state but that can be changed.

If you want to use other track mods you can edit the file res/script/yo_tracktypes.lua and fill in the required data for the tracks.

There are other 3 files with settings that you can rename to yo_tracktypes.lua overwriting the default one:

yo_tracktypes_default_only.lua – only the standard 2 types of tracks (doesn’t require Yo Tracks)
yo_tracktypes_default_and_model.lua – the standard 2 types of tracks and the included “Model track” (doesn’t require Yo Tracks)

yo_tracktypes_yotracks_and_model.lua – tracks from Yo Tracks mod and the “Model” track. Same as the default yo_tracktypes.lua

If you’re allready tired of “too much slope” and “construction not possible” you’ll understand the purpose of this mod 🙂

Note: combining the pieces you’ll make some “parallel looking” tracks but they are not at the exact distance as the double tracks and will not snap to station double track for example. It is advised to make the switching area at some distance from the station and join the switches with the station by drawing some track pieces.

Credits: adisadicul

File Details:3 MB / ZIP
Download Transport Fever – Yo Model Tracks - Download Transport Fever – Yo Model Tracks - Original Link


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