Transport Fever – XL Tram Station

XL Tram Station mod for Transport Fever.

This model is converted from the TF model by laedi
During conversion, he adjusted the lane speed to 50 km/h. Many thanks for this.

The original Train Fever mod was motivated by some shortcomings of the original tram stations that are part of the main game. Trams did not fit into the stations correctly, the maximum number of passengers was highly limited, and the overall size of the tram stations did not seem right. So we stated this project.
The design of the station is a product of Kiwi-NZ, McRiggs, Feuerwehrmann_Kay and myself. Right at the start of the project planning, Leonard Nimoy passed away. In memory to the only true “Spock”, we adjusted the design to the current state. Now, this station named Genesis is the biggest tram and bus station in Transport Fever as well as a memorial site for Leonard Nimoy.

Special thanks goes to leadi for the implementation of the complete path layout for the statioin. Without him, this station would still wait to be published in years to come.
Of course, also Schwarzfahrer deserved to be mentioned for giving my dull concrete building just the right flair.

I thank all who supported me with this project and wish you all great fun with this model.

Credit(s): Grimes

Download - Transport Fever – XL Tram Station

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