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Transport Fever – WTC 0813

WTC 0813 Multiple Unit mod for Transport Fever.

futuristic vehicle modding contest

2050, the French, German, Swiss and Russians collaborated together to found a new company: the World Transport Company. Proud of their revolutionary new prototype, the WTC hopes to reign over European and even world passenger transport
The result of a long search, the WTC 0813 is an electric vehicle that uses the anti gravity to rise above the track, a new system to couple wagons using electromagnets and turbines to ensure its propulsion

With the use of many materials at the cutting edge of technology, the WTC 0813 is very light, with its 2 Turbo turbines with a very high power, this makes it a vehicle with a phenomenal power / weight ratio

It can work very well on old tracks “type rail” but it is recommended for high speeds, to use the special track “WTC” and its 600 km / h ^^


– 344 passengers
– years from 2030
– 600 km/h
– 200 t
-12840 Kw
-7000 Kn
-9.6 millions / year
-110 millions cost
-60 years
– load 56x
-2 train + 8 waggons

All animations :

– doors animated
– levitation system animated
– cooler and turbine propeller animated

– All in DDS
– train and waggon have 2 lods
– one texture in 2048 for all the multiple unit
– detail interior
– compatibility for old track and new WTC track

Any repaint is allowed, you can resume any system of this mod or mesh to create a new vehicle of this type or any creation

have fun ,romu

Credits: Léon Cleaner's

File Details:6.7 MB / ZIP
Download Transport Fever – WTC 0813 - Modsup.com
Download Transport Fever – WTC 0813 - Original Link

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