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Transport Fever – Whiplash – A Bigger Place Map

Whiplash – A Bigger Place Map mod for Transport Fever.

WHIPLASH – Fictional, complex, spectacular scenery and BIG – 45km x 12km @ 553 km2

“Why is it called ‘Whiplash’ Grandpa?”
“Because son, there’s so much to see in this place you’re guaranteed to get a sore neck.”

Yesiree. This map comes with over 40 hours of design and testing, it’s 45km long, 12 km wide @ 553 square kilometers. This map looks best in US livery and is all set out ready to play with 20 cities and 2 complete sets of industry (4 x primary resources) where they are “expected”. It’s all laid out in predominately southern and northern regions, but, please note, (imho) it’s easier passenger play in the south and conversely, easier industry play in the north.

But beware, in both areas, some of the late game industries are not in easy places at all and if you’re not stressing to get that line up over that final rise to complete the chain then you’re probably not doing it right.

One other thing this map sets out to be is a money sink, something sadly needed in late games. There’s no sitting on $1b for long here. Some cities and industries can only be reached by serious bridging and just one town bridge example, Wishbone to Sawtooth, is close to $1b to bridge it flat to flat. You can try anything from lengthy and winding mountain valleys or multi-kilometre long tunnels to make up the transit options, even shipping (I even tested all port access). Shipping options are many and in some cases, might be mandatory, at least, until you can build $1b bridges.

Try reaching for the top at “The Slab”. A monstrous mountain range hiding the southern stone resources. Bring the stone down the massive mountain to the town of Mason, turn it into construction material and go once again, down yet another treachorous range to reach the southern plains for final shipping. The southern iron/coal access is a killer. Sure, it’s easy enough to get the steel transported once it’s made but getting it made is a whole game just there (I tore my hair out – but it’s doable).

This map has it all. It’s long play, it’s hard play, but it’s fair play. Everything has been tested. “It can be got.”. If engineering can’t do it, lots and lots of money will. Even some of the city and town names are intriguing and I bet you’ll spend a minute or two working out why they are called what they are.

I seriously hope you enjoy playing this as much as I enjoyed designing and testing it.

Seriously recommended mods (used in play testing)

– Freight airports.
– Long stations.
– A fast passenger vessel mod. (There are several).
– Extra vegetation. (A must in my view)

As always, any issues, drop a comment or friend up if you’re shy and we can chat. Always open for ideas too btw.

Silky Rough. April 2017.

PS: I would really appreciate an upvote guys if you play and like the map. That’s the only motivation I need to continue to upskill and design better maps for you all. Even more importantly, If you don’t like the map or find something wrong, I’d appreciate a heads-up so I can look at ways to improve my work and provide a better experience for all.


Instructions for experimental maps

Go to your Steam folder > userdata > (your ID) > 446800 > local, open settings.lua and edit to make “experimentalMapSizes = true”. Map will then run.

Credits: Silky Rough

File Details:43.5 MB / ZIP
Download Transport Fever – Whiplash – A Bigger Place Map -


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