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Transport Fever – Westfalenbahn Flirt 2

Westfalenbahn Flirt 2 multiple unit mod for Transport Fever.

The WestfalenBahn GmbH (WFB) is a German railway transport company founded in 2005 and based in Bielefeld, which is wholly owned by the Berlin-based Abellio GmbH.On the 300-kilometer route network, 14 three and five five-part electric railcars of the type “Flirt” of the Swiss manufacturer Stadler Rail are used. Most of the trains are low-floor, have 181 or 300 seats and are video-monitored. They reach their maximum speed of 160 km / h on the routes Osnabrück – Münster and Herford – Bielefeld, on the remaining routes with a maximum of 140 km / h.

The FLIRT railcars, which were used until the timetable change in December 2017 in the Teutoburger Forest network and were procured in 2007 by the leasing company Angel Trains (today Alpha Trains), has taken over the new operator Eurobahn. The trains are now gradually being adapted to the interior and exterior design.At the Münster – Emden line, which has been in service since the end of 2015, the Westfalenbahn has used 15 four-part FLIRT 3s and on the Bielefeld and Rheine-Braunschweig routes 13 six-part double-decker trains of the Stadler Kiss type.

Passengers 134
Speed 160km/h
Start Date 2004
Head display Essen Hbf
Any Problems comment below
Loading Speed: 20x
Power: 2000 kw
Lifespan: 40 years
Capacity: 172
Length: 96m

Credits: Cibaris

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