Transport Fever – United States Extra Large HEAVY (With Industries)

In preparation for the performance mod, I have updated my Extra large map of the USA (with industry version) by adding a few additional towns that I felt were missing. North East and West Coast should be more busy now…!

Stretched the map to the limits of the game engine and added most important cities. For the sake of Gameplay, I took a bit of lycense as to choosing which cities to place and moved them around a little bit. You can decide to start in New York (easy) and build your network south and west. Alternatively you can set up base in Chicago (also easy) or on the West Coast (difficoult as cities at the start of the game are rather small).

As far as I see it, this is the map size where the game engine is really used to the optimum. You can have local truck and bus routes, but they will be impractical over longer distances. Trains are the best compromise, but as you start stretching the network beyond the midwest, passenger transport becomes unattractive and planes are the better choice.

In fact, it is a very good map for using planes on. Distances involved between east and west coast will make air transport more practical than rail or land transport. Also, I have tried an airport hub in middle America (close to Kansas City), and passengers where actually connecting through it from/to all corners of the States.

A fast PC is really recommended, although the recent patches have really improved the late game gameplay. The upcoming performance improvement patch (expected Sept 2017) shoud smothen things out even more.


Also, I strongly suggest adding the vegetation increase mod. Here below the link:

As the map is so large, it will be a challenge to build an extensive transport network in any one era. I suggest you enable the Time Progression 2x times or (better) the 4x times slower. Here below the links:


Credit(s): Dicapitano

Download - Transport Fever – United States Extra Large HEAVY (With Industries)

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