Transport Fever – Union Pacific 4-12-2

Transport Fever’s 4-12-2 #9000 with proper Union Pacific markings.

Change List:

+ Added locomotive numbers underneath the cab windows on either side of the locomotive
+ Added “Union Pacific” to either side of the tender
+ Added “U.P.” to the rear of the tender
+ Set the end date to 1957 instead of 1979, since almost all steam locomotives in the U.S. were scrapped between the years of 1957 to 1960.
– Removed the red color on the roof of the cab, since no surviving examples had that color

Want a vanilla asset reskinned? I take requests! Just type below in the comments the vehicle you want reskinned, and what paint scheme to repaint it into.

Credit(s): Wief Chiggum

Download - Transport Fever – Union Pacific 4-12-2

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