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Transport Fever – Underground-Multi/Level Train Stations

Underground-Multi/Level Train Stations mod for Transport Fever.

An underground station with one/multi-level possibilty, it can be used to configure a Spanish solution or Cross Station.
* Visible platforms
* From 1 to 12 tracks for each level
* From 40m to 480m platform lengths
* 1, 2, 3 levels and assured interchange channels between -1 and -2 and between -2 and -3 layers
* Cross station options
* Mini metro like station entry with various modes
* Multiple layout choices
* Extensible MOD (You can make your own underground and multi-level stations with this MOD)

To be implemented:
* Real stairs

* Fixed bug of crashes on previous saved games with version 1.5. The simplex station built with version 1.5 is deprecated but still useable, please switch to the current item asap.

* Seperation of stations of different levels into different menu items
* Central tracks option for simplex station
* More tracks (up to 12 tracks for each level)

* Central tracks for 2 tracks configuration
* Corrected algorithm for triangle layout
* Stabilty may be improved

* Fixed issue that no catchment area on 40m platforms brought in 1.2.(need station upgrade on saved games)
* Replaced 500m platform which never worked with that of 480m.
* Added Tram Track Type option.

* The issue of reproducible crash on 2-layer and 3-layer station is likely fixed. (need station upgrade on saved games)
* Added tram track on mini entries.

* Formal release
* Mock tracks are hidden (need station upgrade on saved games)
* Bumpers at the end of platforms are removed (need station upgrade on saved games)
* Selection of Star, Triangle, Side by Side layouts

Pre-release beta
* Planned projects
– Elevated station
– Curved station
– Overground / elevated Crossing station


Credits: Enzojz

File Details:1.3 MB / ZIP
Download Transport Fever – Underground-Multi/Level Train Stations -


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