Transport Fever – TV Tower ST. Chrischona

TV Tower ST. Chrischona mod for Transport Fever.

This is the TV Tower St.Chrischona which is located close to Basel in Switzerland and was built in 1984 (=availability).
I built it with a lot of details and it applies to the original up to the last antenna.

It is a landmark and contains a bus stop. So you can let your sims travel to it. Although it can be found under street depots (that you can destroy it).

To be able to see the lower lying offices in the back it is best to place a road with equal level, level the terrain close to the street, lower the terrain in the back and then place the tower. Afterwards level out the terrain in the back to equal up with the office floor.

Credit(s): Kanshi

Download - Transport Fever – TV Tower ST. Chrischona

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