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Transport Fever – Tu-154 Ceskoslovensko

Tu-154 Ceskoslovensko for Transport Fever.

ČSA Československé Aerolinie. The first Tu-154 (OK-SCA) entered February 18, 1988, shortly jy came on the line Prague – Bangkok. In the same year to him pricoedinilis two more (OK-TCB, OK-TCC), three in 1989 (OK-TCD, OK-UCE, OK-UCF), and in 1990 one – OK-VCG. They were used on the lines in North Africa, Near and Middle East. The airline also took in rent two Tu-154B-2 of the Czechoslovak government – OK-UCG and OK-BYB. In 1997, the remaining four aircraft left the regular lines. For a time they even made charter flights. By the beginning of 2000 there was one instance of ČSA – OK-UCE. January 10, 2000 he made a last trip to Istanbul, and then was sold to the Bashkir airlines.
In 1992, the government acquired the OK-BYB private Czech airline Ensor Air. Here he wore OK-LCP board room. The airline charter flights to Europe on the Mediterranean Sea resorts and the Canary Islands.

Credits: ирина Dolganova
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