Transport Fever – TRON multiple units

TRON multiple units for Transport Fever.

This is AWESOME!
Trust me and this is what we need!

Hello everybody.
I think in everyone’s mind there is a dreamatic world and for me it must be in a “TRON”.
As we know “TRON” is a famous movie and I really like its style, it tells a futuristic world in a very unique way.

So this time, I’m trying to put all those fictional elemants into these two mods: TRON & TRONF .
I do believe it is the mix of simple and beautiful LED lights with pure black material that makes TRON so welcome. So I did what I can to make it that way.

Because there is no samples, I have to design it from the very beginning.

I hope you all like them, and if you do have some ideals about how to improve them or some new mods, please leave a message and I’ll try my best to satifaied your needs.


Credit(s): Johnny005611

Download - Transport Fever – TRON multiple units

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