Transport Fever – Town Building Style Mod

Town Building Style mod for Transport Fever.

This mod changes the years that certain town building styles are able to be constructed to make more varied and realistic towns.

By default the game has three building sets, 1850-1900, 1900-1975 and 1975 onwards. This mod blends thoses styles together to create more varied and realistic cities.

The early stone buildings from the 1850 set can now continue spawning until 1955 instead of 1900. This adds some more variety to games in the first half of the 20th century.

The mid game 1900 set will now keep spawning from 1900 until the end of the game as buildings in these styles are still being built today. This stops late game cities becoming full of white boxy buildings with flat roofs and adds a bit more variety as every building from 1975 is no longer super modern.

Stop concrete tower blocks spawning from 1900. I have tried multiple ways of stopping this, from swapping the models, editing various configuration files and completely removing them, but it always makes the game unstable and prone to crashes. For now they can still spawn but I want to try and fix it at some point.

Credit(s): Sparky66

Download - Transport Fever – Town Building Style Mod

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1 Response

  1. Gunnar Einarsson says:

    If you wanted historical accuracy, the mid game set should not begin spawning until 1930. Modernism (which the mid set essentially is) was considered revolutionary architecture in the 1920’s. It did not however break into the mainstream until the 30’s.

    Personally though I detest modernist architecture. Why not a mod that simply bans the “mid” and “late” set from the game altogether?

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