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Transport Fever – Town and Industry Density Mod

Town and Industry Density mod for Transport Fever.

Town and Industry Density Mod. Edit the mod.lua file (Folder ID 906635889) to get different densities of objects at map generation step. Defaults are 10km^2 for towns and 2.5km^2 for industries. Increase these values to decrease density on the map. Perfect for placing your own industries. By default, i’ve increased them to 20 (half as many cities) and 5000 (very few industries).

Here is the table of the number of default-generated towns and industries
Tiny Small Medium Large Huge Megalomaniac
Size | 16 64 144 256 400 576
10 | 1.6 6.4 14.4 25.6 40 57.6
2.5 | 6.4 25.6 57.6 102.4 160 230.4

NOTE: If you increase the town density to 25, the number of cities on megalomaniac map falls below that for a large map (23 vs 25). Using this, i was able to generate a megalomaniacal-size map without CTD. This means, you can as well and makes nice maps with plenty of space between cities to build up your rail network. ENJOY!!!

The number of industries is always at least one-per type (apparently with the exception of the oil well).

Credits: Kywalker

File Details:101 KB / ZIP
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