Transport Fever – Time Progression 2x Slower

Time Progression 2x Slower mod for Transport Fever.

** Note The image above shows stat differences for the 4x mod **

Time Progression 2x Slower

So a train which normally takes 4 months, now only takes 2 months to make the journey.
Vanilla is 1 day = 2 seconds or 1 year = 12 minutes.
Mod: 1 day = 4 seconds or 1 year = 24 minutes.

Income scales with the time, so for instance, a delivery of cargo for the same train / contents:
Vanilla: – income of 100k
2 x Faster: – Income of 200k
2 x Slower: – Income of 50k
4 x Slower – Income of 25K

Which means in the space of 1 game year, regardless of which speed mod in use, you should make the same profits as you would have vanilla.

An alternative 4x slower or 2x faster is in the collection above.

Whilst a simple edit, this allows you to enable / disable the time progression without having to quit the game and edit config files. Can be added / removed at any time. Just to clarify, this mod is a SIMPLE config edit, changing one value only. Everything else that accompanies it, scaling / balancing etc is done via the game / coded by the dev’s not by me.

Credit(s): RWB FxUK

Download - Transport Fever – Time Progression 2x Slower

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