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Transport Fever – The World Map

The World Map mod for Transport Fever.

Very, Very large World Map 16 x 32 km = 512 km. This one is just for fun. I do believe that Europe will end up one Mega City :).
No industry has been added, to be honest there’s no room for it! so don’t forget to add the industry mod if thats your pleasure…… Or add the Goods Conglomerate mod which would, IMHO, be better.
As always, the extra vegetation mod is a must. And don’t forget ‘experimentalMapSizes = true’ in the settings file. Enjoy the map folks, and please take the time to rate and comment.
Please remember that this is a map of the Whole World and space is very tight. I can’t possibly fit all our favourite cities in.




Download - Transport Fever – The World Map

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