Transport Fever – SuperPauls AuBaBu Bus Mod

SuperPauls AuBaBu Bus mod for Transport Fever.

The AuBaBu (Autonomous Battery-Bus) is my contribution to the modding-contest in the category “futuristic vehicle”. The AuBaBu runs by itself and can navigate up to 40mph through the cities. It can carry up to 20 people and because of its large doors it has only short hold times. At the end-stations, he can recharge his batteries with a pantograph. Unfortunately, there is still a problem, which causes the bus tries to charge at each stop even if there are no overhead lines. The powerful batteries drive four 125 hp three-phase motors, which allows the bus to reach its maximum speed quickly even at full load.

A Bus-Station with a catenary to charge the batteries will be added as update when the modding-contest is over.

Credit(s): SuperPaul5000

Download - Transport Fever – SuperPauls AuBaBu Bus Mod

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