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Transport Fever – Stadler Flirt – MTR Express

Stadler Flirt – MTR Express for Transport Fever.

Stadler Flirt – MTR Express

My first Train Fever mod now for Transport Fever!

And with a new livery

  • Reworked exterior model
  • PBR textures made from the ground up
  • Cabin Interior
  • Drivers cabin interior
  • Passengers appear in the cabin. Some sit, some stand.
  • Customizeable color
  • Custom soundset with sounds from flummi1701
  • Compressed DDS textures – sliced 200mb off the file size!

This mod appears in 2015, the year the first units were delivered.

This mod is part real, part adjusted. The MTR Express is run in Sweden, but the passenger count and power is made up to make a variance between NSB and the MTR Express. Some adjustments may be done in the future, or by request and feedback.

Hope you enjoy!

  • Price: 27.5 M
  • Running Costs: 3.45 M
  • Passenger capacity: 125
  • Top Speed: 200km/h
  • Weight: 200 t
  • Power: 6000 kW
  • Tractive Effort: 600 kN
Known errors
  • Dirt hardly visible

Credits: OlaHaldor

File Details:20 MB / RAR
Download Transport Fever – Stadler Flirt – MTR Express -


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