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Transport Fever – Sparky’s American Road & Bridge Mod

Sparky’s American Road & Bridge Mod for Transport Fever.

Gives the streets a more American look and adds a few new street types.

– All streets retextured with American style road markings and textures.
– New tiny street for both old and new road sets. This represents a pedestrian priority street, similar to the access path to station buildings and the default modern small street.
– Small dirt country road can now be built in modern maps.
– Modern small street now has proper pavements/sidewalks.
– Speed limits raised and changed to MPH. Means modern road vehicles can actually get up to speed on country roads.
– Large and extra large modern country roads are now dual carriageways with a central grass median.
– Crash barriers on large and extra large country roads are fixed.
– Old large country road is now gravel insted of dirt.
– Old small road is now dirt, old medium road is rough cobbles and old large road is now stone setts. Makes in easier to tell road types apart.
– Adds historical roads, old style cobblestone streets but with modern road markings that can be built in the modern era.
– Old bridges are now still availiable in the modern era. Rail bridges can now be built as road bridges as well and vice versa, esetially doubling your bridge options early game and quadrupling them late game.

The modded roads will load no matter what road style (European or American) you select when starting a new game. You can freely switch between my British, European and American roads mods without breaking your save if you fancy a change.

Credits: Sparky66

File Details:2.9 MB / ZIP
Download Transport Fever – Sparky’s American Road & Bridge Mod - Download Transport Fever – Sparky’s American Road & Bridge Mod - Original Link


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