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Transport Fever – South America Map

South America Map mod for Transport Fever.

An extra large version map of South America 6145×4097. You get started with three goods conglomerates. Enough open land area has been left for those who wish to set their own industries where they wish during game play. The Goods Conglomerate and Industry Tycoon subscription is a must to start the map. The Vegetation Increase is optional. I claim artist’s license in some areas as I edited the landscape in many areas to make the map fit for game-play. You start with 22 towns and three goods industries.
*This map is extra large and you need to turn-on big maps in your settings.lua file. experimentalMapSizes = true
Program Files (x86)Steamuserdata”userid”446800local in that local folder is the settings.lua file.
*You must subscribe to Goods Conglomerate and Industry Tycoon

Credits: Lowell

File Details:7.7 MB / ZIP
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