Transport Fever – SNCF X72500

SNCF X72500 mod for Transport Fever.

The SNCF Class X 72500 diesel multiple units were built by Alstom between 1997 and 2002. They operate longer distance TER services on unelectrified lines.
The X 72500 units come in two types:
two car sets (both vehicles powered)
three car sets (containing an intermediate unpowered trailer)
Three sets can be coupled where required, regardless of wether they are two or three car sets.

Package content :

The package include the standard X72500 TER livery with the following configurations :

  • X72500 two car set
  • X72500 two car set x2
  • X72500 two car set x3
  • X72500 two car set + three car set
  • X72500 three car set
  • X72500 three car set x2
  • X72500 three car set x3
Vehicle data :
  • max speed : 160 km/h
  • power : 1200 kW
  • Tractive Effort : 200 kN
  • Capacity : two car set : 36 passengers / Three car set : 56 passengers
  • Availability : 1997
Other information :
  • Specific sounds
  • Interior with passengers
  • Aging texture (dirt and rust)
  • DDS textures
  • Automated prices
  • LOD
  • custom color support

Credit(s): Anachron

Download - Transport Fever – SNCF X72500

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