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Transport Fever – SNCF BB22200 Package

SNCF BB22200 Locomotive Package mod for Transport Fever.

The BB 22200 is a class of electric locomotives in service with the French railways SNCF, built by Alstom between 1976 and 1986. They are a dual voltage version (1500 V DC and 25 kV 50 Hz AC) of the BB 7200 and BB 15000 classes. From 1994 nine of the class were used for hauling freight trains through the Channel Tunnel as the Class 92 locomotives were not yet delivered. For use on British railways these locomotives were allocated the UK traction number Class 22.

This package is a standalone, but for now it only include livery that only exist on the BB22200 (PACA and Infra). To avoid clutter in the TpF list of material only the original Béton livery is in both packages as both family are basically identical except for the pantographs.

Vehicle data :
  • max speed : Béton/PACA : 160km/h – Infra : 200km/h
  • power : 4140kW
  • Tractive Effort : 295 kN
  • Availability : Béton : 1976 / Infra : 2010 / PACA : 2013
Other information :
  • Specific sounds
  • Interior
  • Aging texture (dirt and rust)
  • DDS textures
  • Automated prices
  • LOD

Credits: Anachron

File Details:10.6 MB / ZIP
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