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Transport Fever – Shinkansen 0 Series Shinkansen 0 Series

The 0 series trains were the first Shinkansen trainsets built to run on Japan s new Tokaido Shinkansen high-speed line which opened in Japan in 1964

The first line of the world’s high-speed rail series Shinkansen 0, this mod contains the 0 series of the original large window version, as well as the appearance of the small window and the new painting.

P.S. Making the train group super painful, especially those cars that look the same but have different details. In order to be less troublesome, only take a few cars in the group, and then repeat the list, just ask similar!

Top speed: 210km/h


4 car sets : 90
6 car sets : 140
8 car sets : 190
12 car sets : 290
16 car sets : 390

Thanks for everyone who responded positively on the message board. As for some common questions you guys asked, I would like to answer here.

1. Catenary and Track in the preview images.

It seems that catenary pole was from the other mod, but I am not sure which one that is. I added a lot of mods in the game early on so I always thought that was the default one.

The track is my own creation, that mod is nothing special and has a lot of problems, It’s mainly for my own use. I might release it with the high-speed train station that I intended to make in the future.

2. The future plan for the Train mods

I intended to make a Taiwan railways series and a High-speed train of the world series. The other Shinkansens are among the latter one.

3. Price, Costs and the Balanced

That part of the game mechanism isn’t really my focus, I don’t even know how that works. So… maybe somebody can provide a proper setting for me?

P.S. I am Taiwanese, Not Japanese, I just like a lot of trains from different countries.

Credits: angier023

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