Transport Fever – Seamon’s Train Pack

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Seamon’s Train Pack mod for Transport Fever.

This mod is a package containing various trains (mainly from Switzerland). There will be more trains to follow.

Stadler Giruno (SBB EC 250, RABe 501):
Available: 2019 (as is also provided for the passenger transport service in reality)
Power / Tractive Effort: 6000 kW / 300 kN
Maximum speed: 250 km/h
Passengers: 131
Purchase price: 31,6 Mio.
Maintenance costs: 5,26 Mio.

Stadler Butler (SBB Eem 923):
Available: 2012
Power / Tractive Effort: 1500 kW (electic) or 290 kW (diesel) / 150 kN
Maximum speed: 120 km/h
Purchase price: 3,77 Mio / 0,73 Mio.
Maintenance costs: 628K / 121K

Stadler Kiss (SBB RABe 511, both 6-piece and 4-piece):
Available: 2011 / 2012
Power / Tractive Effort: 6000 kW / 400 kN
Maximum speed: 160 km/h
Passengers: 166 / 106
Purchase price: 26,7 Mio. / 22,7 Mio.
Maintenance costs: 4,35 Mio. / 3,79 Mio.

Features: An endless list:
– Each different car / locomotive is individually modeled. There is 1st class, 2nd class, dining car, business section, children’s compartment, bicycle compartment, toilets, etc.
– Each chair is in its place and on each of the chairs a person can sit (is a person defined).
– Animation like opening and closing doors, pushing out and retracting footboards, warning lights flashing, wiping windscreen wipers, up and down pantographs, mirrors move, tailpipes rocking
– The vehicle has its own soundset (a big thanks to Skyrames).
– The vehicle can be repainted and supports logos.
– The vehicle gets dirty and rusty.

Credits: Seamon

File Details:40.3 MB / ZIP
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