Transport Fever – RMS Titanic v1.0

RMS Titanic mod for Transport Fever.

RMS Titanic (Britain’s huge liner sank in 1912)
Someone in the forum asked me to put this in the game. : D
Well…..Done…. : P A huge cruise ship titanic.
Because the hull is too big. Release V1.0 version first. Details will be updated in the future.
Capacity: 2000/, in-game 1:4 (500). Loading speed: 30
Speed: 43-45km/h (23-25 knots ) Length: 269 meters Width: 28.3 meters
dynamic flag, dynamic tail rudder, dynamic propeller, steam whistle.
LODs:0-300 meters, 300-1200 meters, 1200-2200 meters. DDS textures . Ready for TPFMM.

Credit(s): hugedragonyk

Download - Transport Fever – RMS Titanic v1.0

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