Transport Fever – Randomized Map: River

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Randomized Map: River mod for Transport Fever.

This mod randomly customizes the parameters in the auto-generated map.

Customizable Parameters (with TPFMM)
  • Randomized Map: Town & Industry
      • makeInitialStreet (default: false)
      • areaPerTown (default: 10[km])
      • areaPerIndustry (default: 2.5[km])
    • skipOnInit Primary Industries (default: false)
    • skipOnInit Secondary Industries (default: false)
    • skipOnInit PostMod Post (default: true)
      • Even if you set all “skipOnInit” to “true”, you can not prevent you from generating any “Industry”. “Farm” is always created so that it is generated.
      • The reason is that in current game specifications you will always crash unless you generate at least one type of “Industry”.
  • Randomized Map: River
    • game.config.terrain.river.*
      • widthFactor (randomized: 1.5 – 2.0)
      • minWidth (randomized: -0.8 – -0.2)
      • maxWidth (randomized: 6.0 – 10.0)
      • probabilitiy (randomized: 1.0 – 1.0)
  • Randomized Map: Valley
    • game.config.terrain.valley.*
      • zOffset (randomized: -5.0 – -2.0)
Support Mods
  • New Industry 2.53
  • Post Mod BETA von nown
Obsoleted Mods
  • Randomized Width River Map 1.0

Credits: overcomeon

File Details:1.3 MB / ZIP
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