Transport Fever – Precision Planner (Imperial Measurements)

Precision Planner (Imperial Measurements) mod for Transport Fever.

– I’ve changed the units to feet and mph, and adapted the parameter ranges to make sense in those units.
– Because the game still functions internally in meters, and multi-track spacing is fixed at 5m, I’ve made the radius selection a close approximation, so that it uses a clean, 100ft-divisible range of increments, but still converts cleanly into whole 5m increments.
– All other parameters perform a precise conversion from feet.

– for full details of how to use this mod, as it’s fairly complex. I may create a written guide at a later date.

This mod contains two separate track planning tools, which can be used as a two-stage process to build complete routes, or used individually in whatever way you find useful.

They allow you to plan out an entire route without spending any money, and easily convert those plans to functioning track.

The two tools are:

The Rough Planner tool, for quickly roughing out the intended path of a route.

The Precision Planner tool, for constructing accurate, piecewise track segments. This can create track segments directly, or be set to “Planning” mode, where it will create self-snapable planner segments which can later be upgraded to track.

Once upgraded, the planners will remain, but can be bulldozed to leave the functioning track segments behind.

If you find any confirmable, reproducable bugs with the mod, please leave a message on the workshop page here, and I’ll try my best to get to the bottom of them in a reasonable time.

Feel free to leave general feedback too.

Credit(s): grimdanfango

Download - Transport Fever – Precision Planner (Imperial Measurements)

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