Transport Fever – Pork Barrel

Do you like playing with money?

Do you find the “no-cost” mod just takes all the fun out of getting rich or worse, you hate going bankrupt?

What you need my friend is your very own lobbyist so you to can get some good old fashion “Pork” !

Thats right, why let some fat cat banker get rich off you when you can play like the real transport companies and let the tax payers pay for your new train station or airport.

Every country has it, in the US it’s called Pork or Pork Barrel spending
In the UK it’s called “Tax Sweetener”
The Germans call it “Wahlgeschenke” What? is that a real word?
In Greece they call it … well I think the Greeks just call it German money

All you have to do my friend is place one of these cute little “Pork Barrels” anywhere on your map and the tax payers give you money!

It matters not if your playing with a Mark, a Yen, a Buck, or a Pound this mod will give you half a million more!

Half a million not enough?

Drop two “Pork Barrels”. Still not enough, drop three, or six, why are you asking me how many barrels you can plop down, I don’t care, it’s your game. Just remember to turn off “No Cost Mode”, these lobbyist don’t like working in an anticapitalist, socialist inspired corrupt world that uses a “No Cost Mode”

So what are you waiting for, hit that green button and subscribe now, you know you want to, who would walk away from free money?

Subscribe, do it now !

Typical Disclaimer:
Not responsible for higher taxes, runaway inflation, corrupt governments, unpredictable elections, tax payer revolts, or populist revolutions. Your on your own.

My thanks to CGtraider and Arkham for helping with the graphic elements. (blender drives me crazy)

Credit(s): ErstO

Download - Transport Fever – Pork Barrel

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