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Transport Fever – Person Magnet : Personenmagnet

Person Magnet : Personenmagnet mod for Transport Fever.

– Adds boundaries to the game to attract residents, business customersand workers.
The person magnet generates visitors who want to work or business.
As a business stone or industrial stone, he attracts people in his vicinity. All passengers pay neatly their ticket or partly use the car.

………. The 5 rules for the person magnet: ……….
1. it can not be demolished, but with every asset,
.. 2. you must never upgrade it, rename it at the highest opportunity!
…. 3. you can define different quantities of visitors per year with the stone selection,
…… 4. the road for the stone must be connected to the “road network”
…….. 5. several stones can be placed …

The person magnet appear in the usual colors of the 3 areas or in stone color and are selectable before setting. The more massive the stone, the larger the number of visitors (choice: 1 – 500 people per month).

Supplement:_______ Reduction of the number of persons _______
……………….This is suitable for emergency and NOT for general use!
1. Put the game on “Stop” and save the game!
.. 2. Choose a person from the stone; a window will appear.
…. 3. Select the “Details” section and select the number of the city / building.
…… 4. A new “rename” window will appear.
…….. 5. Select “Upgrade”; a new window will appear.
………. 6. Select ONLY the new “number of persons” and confirm with “Apply”.
………… 7. Close all windows!
– Rarely comes the game crash: either immediately or after about a month.
Then please reload Savegame and repeat procedure.
Afterwards the game and savegame is stable again!

Credits: JoeFried

File Details:284 KB / ZIP
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