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Transport Fever – Pennsylvania Railroad P70 Coach

Pennsylvania Railroad P70 Coach mod for Transport Fever.

The P70 was the workhorse of the PRR’s passenger fleet. Though they might not be found on extra fare trains like the Broadway Limited, the P70 could be found in any local or long-distance train for the bulk of the early 20th century, including commuter service. This represents an “as built” P70, with a clerestory roof and friction bearing bogies.


Capacity: 88/4 = 22 passengers
Max Speed: 112 mph
Introduced: 1907
Weight: 61 tons (ouch!)
Additional features: Friction bearings, no air conditioning, extra legroom, increased lumbar support

Credits: donoteat

File Details:5 MB / ZIP
Download Transport Fever – Pennsylvania Railroad P70 Coach -


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