Transport Fever – Penn Central & SEPTA MP54 EMU

Penn Central & SEPTA MP54 EMU mod for Transport Fever.

Relive the bad old days of American railroading! These are MP54s in their later years — under Penn Central and SEPTA. These cars were run into the ground in daily commuter service, many reaching the ripe old age of 66 before being retired after millions of miles of hard service, since who needs new cars? Most of them were so battered by the end of their lives that even those that made it to preservation were frequently scrapped after they fell apart on the museum’s property.

Includes a Penn Central and SEPTA version of both the powered MP54 and the unpowered P54 trailer.

Stats for nerds:

Power: 500 HP per car
Capacity: 72/4 = 18 passengers per car
Max Speed: 80 mph
Introduced: 1965 (SEPTA), 1968 (Penn Central)
Weight: 67 tons
Additional features: pantograph hasn’t brought down a wire in almost 6 months, only needs reupholstering on about a quarter of the seats, no structural problems at all, I swear (except on the frame)

Credit(s): donoteat

Download - Transport Fever – Penn Central & SEPTA MP54 EMU

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